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Biomass Brick Briquetter

sawdust brick making machine show

What is a sawdust biomass brick briquetter

Biomass brick briquetter is the production of biomass/wood/sawdust briquettes special equipment. The unit applies to the branches of trees or wood waste into wood chips by the pulverizer. Then this wood processing equipment for the high-density dry biomass block, thereby achieve sawdust convenient storage, transport and use as fuel. The unit’s products not only save energy but also reduce carbon emissions, it is an efficient, clean and renewable energy.

The structure

The biomass brick briquetter consists of mechanical parts, hydraulic parts &electrical parts.

The briquetter  is no fixed foot installation, the entire device is fixed to a base frame welding, bins through bracket coupled to the base frame, the hydraulic part of the installation box at the bottom of the material; Forming part by three hydraulic cylinders and mold composition; hydraulic station and electric control cabinet are fixed to the base frame; conducive to the overall convenience of movement. To ensure the safety of users, this device is equipped with a whole outer plate, in normal operation, and prohibit open the wrapper. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic station, the operating member, the coupling components. Hydraulic components including tank, pump motor group, Manifold group consisting of; the operating member comprises various actions cylinders; each coupling member comprises a coupling conduit. The electrical control system is mainly composed of the electrical control cabinet and its internal components, including the main components of operating the touch screen, PLC and other components,

accessories hydraulic systemhydraulic system
accessoriese PLC control systemPLC control
accessories outputoutput


Sawdust, wood shaving, husk, waste wood, peanut shells, all kinds of biomass.

Material requirement

Moisture: 6-16%.

Size: Less than 10 mm,  small particles will help you to make high quality briquette.

Working Principle

The unit will feed, waste wood or straw and other biomass materials pulverized into powder particles from the raw material through the cyclone fan it will be crushed to tank, transported by the variable speed feeder to the granulator, finished particles by vibrating screen into the cooling conveyor, cooled to near room temperature, and thus easy to transport and storage. Scrap entering the hopper via the inlet feed cylinder chamber into the mold cavity under the effect of the feed cylinder, the cylinder then pressing action causes particle shape, and then open the clamping cylinder through the pressure switch, the clamping jaws mouth let lose pressure molding block discharge. Metal impurities, sandstone blocks, concrete blocks and other pollutants could easily lead to the body parts to wear before entering the feed hopper should be cleaned out. As far as possible to maintain the stability of raw material moisture content and form, depending on the material properties, material moisture content below 8% or higher than 20% could easily lead to compact hardness changes, resulting in loose or uneven length.


  • High performance hydraulic propelling device;
  • Low labor cost and electricity cost, only cost 60 kw for 1 ton;
  • Mold with long working-life around 1500 to 2000 hours;
  • Customized briquette shape. (can even add your logo on the briquette);
  • Low noise, minimum noise can be less than 80db.

Final Product

Shape: octagon, round, hexagon and other customized shapes.

Size: Normally around 150*70*70 mm, the diameter varies from 50-80 mm, the thickness of final briquettes is also adjustable.

round shape showround
square shape showsquare


Model MTY01
Capacity (kg/h) 120
Power (kw) 7.5+0.75
Pressure (Mpa) 15
Weight (kg) 1200
Dimension (mm) 1470*1480*700

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