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DRI (sponge iron) briquette plant with hydraulic briquette machine in Egypt, 6t/h.

The DRI briquette line with big silos
DRI (direct reduced iron) or another name as sponge iron, is a kind of mid product in the steel making process. It gained great prominence as a substitute for the metal scrap (steel) in the furnace.

The briquette machine for DRI normally has two types – hydraulic type and hydraulic roller type. For customer who wants to gain a high purity for the DRI briquette as well as high density (this makes the quality better), hydraulic briquetting machine becomes the choice.

This hydraulic briquetting plant is made for an Egyptian customer for this requirement. Three sets of hydraulic briquetting machines make the line meet a capacity of 6 tph. Big silos above the feeding hopper used for storing more DRI fines as continuous work.

hydraulic briquette line for DRI-1
hydraulic briquette line for DRI-2

The final briquette is with cylinder shape which the best shape for briquette making by hydraulic briquetting machine. With suitable height, these briquettes meet a density of more than 5 t/m3 (This not only depends on the high pressure, but also the iron content of the DRI).  It is a very nice density for furnace, more value with be earned from these high quality briquettes.

final DRI briquette of this plant The DRI briquette

Hot DRI briquette machine

Hot DRI is a better material than cold DRI, it is a material with much higher temperature (normally around 650-700 Celsius) and stronger plasticity, the hot DRI briquette is with densified form and lower gas content. Hydraulic briquetting machine is a way to make the hot DRI briquette with a reasonable investment.

hot DRI briquette output from hydraulic briquetting machine

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