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Hydraulic Roller Briquette Press Machine

dry powder roller briquette machine model 530

Hydraulic roller briquette press machine or dry powder briquette press machine is a briquetting machine used to briquette material with few moisture which can even to zero.

Why should you choose a hydraulic roller briquette press machine?

1. To keep a high purity of your material.

Hydraulic roller briquette press machine is a kind of briquette machine which can make the briquette without binder. If your material needs a high purity for the briquette, it’s really time for you to consider this type of briquette machine, the normal roller briquette press machine usually needs to add binder for 5-20% in comparison.

2. To briquette material which can’t be mixed with water.

Some materials, such as quicklime, magnesium oxide, etc. When they mix with the liquid binder, quickly they will change into other materials, using hydraulic roller briquette press machine is the best way to make the original briquette.

3. To make the briquette with higher density.

With high pressure and a smooth feeding. the hydraulic roller briquette press machine will make the density increase 1-3 times.

Force feeding structure (screw feeding) and hydraulic power system

dry powder briquette machine structure

Compare to normal roller briquette press machine, the biggest difference in their appearance is the hydraulic roller briquette press machine has a force feeding structure and the hydraulic power system (though some of the normal roller briquette machine can be with this system as well, every of the hydraulic roller briquette press machine is with this system).

Force feeding

force feeding for briquette machine

Screw force feeding can help to supply higher pressure than normal feeding. It can also help to reduce the gas in the materials, these benefits will help the materials perform better in high pressure briquette process. The normal pressure is between 0.3-0.5MPa.

Hydraulic power system

hydraulic system for briquette machine

The hydraulic power system will supply a much bigger pressure than normal briquette process. Another advantage of this system is it will prevent roller to be damaged by the lump and hard materials. The theory is as follow:

The hydraulic pump pumps high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder and makes the piston axial displacement.  The piston rods steady the bearing seat and make the roller gap smaller which means high pressure. When there are too many materials or metals between the rollers, the hydraulic cylinder piston rods will overload, this makes the hydraulic pump to stop, then the high-pressure oil goes back and the pressure down, the gap between the rollers come to normal then the materials will pass the roller.


The following are some materials which may be used in hydraulic roller briquette press machine:

quicklime, salt, refractory material, ceramic powder, copper powder, chrome ore powder, lead and zinc waste, aluminum dross and all kinds of materials which can be briquette with normal roller briquette press.

Mark: Due to the large pressure of this hydraulic roller briquette press machine, the final product is with higher density and greater strength compare to the normal roller briquette machine. If you have more requirement on these sides of the final product,  or you want a briquette process without dryer at the end, you can choose this type of briquette machine instead of normal roller briquette press machine to make an optimized and customized briquette plant.

Material Requirement

Size: 80-200 mesh (0.74mm-1.78mm);

Moisture: less than 6%;

Final Product Shape

The common shapes are round and pillow.

Briquette way: Binder or Binderless?

For most of the materials briquette with this briquette press machine, such as quicklime, salt, coal, etc. Due to the high pressure of the hydraulic briquette system. We briquette with the binderless way. But in some special usage, we can add binder to make the briquette as well. Find the binder usage, follow our binder learning article: All about binders – make briquette with the proper binder in our blog.


  • Good effect material extrusion, high briquetting rate, high briquettes strength;
  • Good using effect roller surface, using-life is long;
  • Adopt double shafts of reducer structure, improve on roll precision,
  • Adopt full-steel reducer box, good sealing property
  • Using hard tooth surface gear, improve using performance and life;
  • The pre pressure device uses adjustable speed motor
  • All wear pieces are welding wear alloy, improve using performance and the life;
  • Hydraulic station independent placed, can adjust pressure and has super pressure protection function.

Industry Usage

coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and light metal industries.

Hydraulic roller briquette plant

simple dry roller briquette plant show

Crusher ⇒ Silo ⇒ Briquette Machine ⇒ Silo

Crusher: If your material is too big, generally, a crusher must be needed, or else that will reduce the working life of the roller. Further more, get proper size material is also a way to make high quality briquette;

Silo: Silo is used to storage the material for a smooth feeding for next step;

Conveyor: As the hydraulic roller briquette press machine is with the screw force feeding structure, to match with this, the feeding conveyor commonly use is the screw conveyor.

Not every dry roller briquette plant follow the above process. The process can be much different up to your order. You can follow our solution center for more learning on briquette plant, or contact us for a custom design.


Model MTHD530 MTHD650 MTHD750 MTHD850
Roller Diameter (mm) 530 650 750 850
Roller Width (mm) 196 196-250 196-300 196-500
Max Lineal Pressure Ratio (t/cm) 5 6 6 8
Total Pressure (t) 100 110 120 300
Power (kw) 45 55-75 90-132 132-200
Precompressed Power (kw) 11 15 18.5 18.5-22
Oil Pump Power (kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2 3
Speed (r/min) 9 9 9 9
Capacity (t/h) 2-4 5-8 8-12 9-15
Briquette Ball Size (mm) Cutomized (recommend:38*25*13)

Hydraulic roller briquette press machine price

Hydraulic roller briquette press machine cost much more than normal roller briquette press machine due to the high pressure, the inside structure is different from the normal roller briquette press machine as well as lots of the parts materials, we use high quality materials making the spare parts to ensure your machine a long working life.

Working Performace Video on Quicklime Briquetting

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