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Quick lime briquette machine – work with Maxton to make high quality quicklime briquette

pillow shape quicklime briquette

Quick lime briquette machine is used to briquette the quicklime fine to briquette for further usage.

A preview of quicklime fine

Quicklime or burnt lime, chemical name as calcium oxide (CaO), is a kind of product made from limestone. Although the mineral limestone can be directly used, the usage is very limited. Most of the limestone directly used is in building industry, and if it is milled to the powder, the steel plant will use this as raw material for sintering.

Make limestone to quikclime will highly enlarge the usage. For example, the steel plant will use quicklime as slagging constituent (every ton of the steel will need this for 40-50 kgs), the calcium carbide factory will use it as raw material to produce calcium carbide (manufacture one ton calcium carbide, almost the same weight quick lime is needed), etc.

how quicklime is made

So, there lay a lot of kilns for manufacturing quicklime. But in the process of limestone to quicklime, also there along produces a lot of dust quicklime. Usually, we may find them here:

  1. Around the kiln;
  2. The storage place;
  3. In the transportation process;
  4. Quicklime fine from the screen;
  5. In dust collect process;

Almost 10 to 30% of the quicklime we can get are these powdery type. They may be sold as a kind of waste with a much lower price compared to the lump quicklime, but they can be a valuable
product if we make them to briquette.

The benefits of using quicklime briquette

  1. A protection to the natural resources by decreasing the requirement of limestone;
  2. Save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Save money by reducing the quicklime’s material cost;
  4. Minimize or eliminate quicklime dust
  5. Improve the storage house environment.
  6. Prevent lime less than 10mm going in the converter.

It is because of so many benefits that these dust are collected and eventually briquette and utilized.

quicklime briquette plant with two sets of hydraulic roller briquette press machinesMaxton’s hydraulic roller briquette press run on a quicklime briquette plant

Quicklime briquette machine

Quicklime reacts chemically with water, due to its good plasticity, we do not need to add water to the briquette and press it directly through the briquette press.

Hydraulic roller briquette press machine is the commonest lime briquetting machine ever used. After the quick lime form to briquette through the machine, it can reach a density around 1.9-2.2 g/cm3.

It is a very good briquette machine to press the quicklime with a continuous work and produce briquette with high strength.

The working process of the briquette press

working principle of roller press

The raw material is fed to the hopper of the briquette machine and fed by the pre-press force feeding screw to the mid-gap of the rollers, the double counter-rotating reverse roller then briquette the raw quicklime, in this process, the press become higher and higher when the raw quicklime press from the top to the center of the rollers, and it reaches the maximum pressure at the center, after the that, the pressure then becomes lower and lower until the briquette comes out from the rollers.

The quicklime briquetting process – a process to set up the quicklime briquette plant

Most of the quicklime we get are from the two processes

  • Screen process
  • Dust collect process

In order to make use of the quicklime, the produced quicklime will go through a screen and leave the tiny ones. The size left behind normally is less than 5mm. The dust full of quicklime from the dust collector is less than 1mm.

To make these two small particle quicklime to briquette and also ensure the briquette quality, A rate for these materials is then chosen. Well distributed particles sizes will make the briquette with better quality.

The process

Collected quicklime (include quicklime from dust collector and screen quicklime fine from kiln) ⇒ silo ⇒ briquette ⇒ screen the briquette

quick lime briquette plant flowchart

The briquette process follows a way rapid and easy. In order to prevent the dust pollution, especially transport the quicklime from the dust collector, using pneumatic conveyor is best conveying way can be ever chosen.

The benefit of quicklime briquette machine from MaxTon – the manufacturer

  • Work with high pressure, pressure easy adjustable, make briquette with high strength;
  • Special roller material, much more suitable for quicklime briquetting with longer service life;
  • The gap between rollers is adjustable, extend the rollers’ service life without degrading the product quality.

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