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1 t/h Sawdust briquette plant in Vietnam with log briquette maker

The sawdust briquette plant with log briquette maker in workshop

The sawdust briquette plant is an ideal way to deal with sawdust for further usage. These briquettes are with high density and regular shape which is suitable for selling and transport.

Vietnam is a country where produce lots of wood every year. At the same time, those wood waste, like branch, bark, wood shaving, etc are also produced with big amount through the process. Creat value from those argo waste becomes a good way not only earn money from the line, but also make an environmental protection.

The sawdust briquette plant needs sawdust briquette machine to make the briquetting work where a log briquette maker is taken here in this line to produce the sawdust briquette. Due to the high capacity of the log briquette maker, this line reaches a capacity of 1 tph with only one briquette machine.

producing sawdust briquetteThe machine is producing rob sawdust briquette

The cooling line helps to reduce the temperature down from the output, lots of moisture leaves from the briquette with the reducing temperature and makes the briquette higher quality.

the final briquetteFinal briquette
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Log briquette maker is used to briquette lots of biomass material especially the sawdust, the sawdust briquette plant along with log briquette maker makes very good value from the product. These briquettes are popular in use of the boilers which has a large requirement on. With a double output log briquette maker, twice capacity will be gotten but with investment less than twice.
The mould is easy to change to produce different rob sizes.
double output sawdust log briquette makerThe double output type
log briquette maker is making pelletmaking pellet

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