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Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is widely used in all kinds of powder, bulk material vertical lifting, such as cement clinker, finished cement, coal, slag etc., and also adapt to lifting strong abrasive materials, the material temperature can up to 250℃. The conveying chain use plate chain with high strength and wear resistant, long service life, less wearing parts, low using cost.


  • Long-serving life. bucket elevator work with two circular chains, the moving parts (hopper and traction chain), the upper section with the sprocket, the lower section with taut round, intermediate casing, the drive, check brake device. The chain is with a long service life;
  • Easy to operate and maintain. When the chain gets problems, only need to remove the broken ring link, replaced a new one;
  • Easy to adjust. Bucket elevator is generally adjusted the chain tightness by the tension device;
  • Loading and unloading way. Bucket elevator dig emulated load, “feeding method” discharge. High-efficiency transmission. It also can design the type of layout according to customer’s requirement;
  • Shorten the time of downtime. Chain as the traction parts, greatly reducing downtime, extend the production time.

Working principle

The hopper scoops up the materials from the down storage, along with the conveyor belt or chain to lift to the top, bypassing the upper wheel, turned down. The bucket elevator can in pouring the materials to receiver tank. The transmission belt of belt type bucket elevator adopts rubber belt, equipped with the upper or down transmission roller drum and the upper or down return roller drum. Generally, the chain type bucket elevator is equipped with two parallel transmission chain; there is a transmission chain wheel on the upper or downside, the down or upper side is one set of return chain wheel. Generally, the bucket elevator is equipped with the casing, in order to prevent dust flying in it. The bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granulated and small lump without grinding cut sex and with small grinding cut sex materials, such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore, etc., due to the traction mechanism of hoister is a circular chain, so allow delivery higher temperature material.


Model Max. Hoisting Height (m) Capacity (m³/h) Hopper distance (mm) Power (kw)
MTE160 28 3-8 500 3-7.5
MTE200 31.5 6-15 500 3-7.5
MTE250 30.16 10-25 500 4-11
MTE300 30.16 25-35 500 5.5-15
MTE350 31 19-40 600 7.5-18.5
MTE400 32 35-50 600 7.5-22
MTE450 32.7 42-60 600 7.5-22

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