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Density Adding Machine

density adding machine

Density adding machine is a kind of equipment which is used to press materials by high pressure rollers, eliminate material moisture, and increase the density of material. It is widely used for increasing density of coal, mineral powder, iron powder, oxidation iron etc. Through compacting density machine, eliminated some air in the materials, reduce the moisture in the materials, increase the density of materials, so that the final briquettes which from briquette machine have strong intensity, high briquetting ratio.


Some of the material, like gypsum, is hard for briquetting with loose condition. If you want to briquette them without a machine like density adding machine, you may need to briquette the material more than once on briqutting. Density adding machine is a kind of machine which help to to reduce the cost, by using this machine, the gas between small loose material particles become small and the material will be suitable for make shaped briquette, also this helps to increase the briquette quality. This helps to make a more efficient briquett line.

roller of density adding machine

Roller of density adding machine

Technical Parameter:

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h)
YKCM3650 15 1-15
YKCM5060 37 10-25
YKCM5070 45 15-35

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