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Dosing Machine

two bins belt dosing machine

Dosing machine is an automatic proportioning feeder. It can automatically perform feed proportioning procedure according to the proportion setup of customers’ in order to improve the working efficiency. The machine is composed of feeding unit, proportioning unit, electronic control system, etc. It is widely used in mineral industry, coal industry, chemical industry, etc.

Generally, dosing machine can be divided into two bins dosing machine, three bins dosing machine & multi-bin dosing machine.

three bins belt dosing machine

Three bins belt type dosing machine


  • High output
  • High dosing precision
  • Various structural design
  • Flexible combination
  • Easy operation
  • High autoimmunization

For different materials, screw output is also another common choice for us.

dosing machine working

Our dosing machine working in a plant


Model Power (kw) Capacity (m³/h) Speed (m/s)
1 Bin 2.2 8-15 Adjustable
2 Bins 2.2X2 15-25
3 Bins 2.2X3 25-35
4 Bins 2.2X4 35-50

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