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Double Shaft Mixer

double shaft mixer main

Double shaft mixer is used for mixing materials continuously & uniformly. During the mixing, the material can be uniformly mixed with binder (liquid binder or powder binder is considered by user’s formula), after mixed, the blended material can be continuously sent to the conveyor, transmit to the next equipment. Double shaft mixer is usually applied to mix coal, mineral powder, iron powder, oxidation iron, coal slurry, sludge, clay, fly ash etc, with the good effect on mixing & blending.


double shaft mixer structure

1. Material output
2. Paddle
3. Shaft
4. Base
5. Chassis
6. Material input
7. Bearing seat
8. Gearbox
9. Coupling
10. Reducer
11. Motor


Working principle

Two mixing shafts make equal speed reverse rotation inside the horizontal cylinder, then the specially arranged blades enable the materials to do radial, circular and axial movement simultaneously, which forms a complex circulation to evenly mix the material in short time.
Flying cutters is optional for assisting mixing.

double shaft mixer paddle

the double shaft-1

double shaft mixer connect

the double shaft-2


1. Hard tooth flank reducer, torque limit, safe operation.
2. High wear-resisting mixer blades, long service life, reliable guarantee for normal operation.
3. Reasonable structure for shaft and sealing device, convenient maintenance, avoid water leakage, eliminate risk phenomenon.
4. Spacious flip access door, comfortable and relaxed maintain.
5. Flexible and reliable electric control system.

double shaft mixer working

We set two sets double shaft mixer for better mix effect

Technical Parameter:

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h)  Dimension (mm)
YKM2500 7.5-11 5-10 4200*1600*650
YKM3000 11-15 10-20 5200*1600*650
YKM4000 15-18.5 15-30 5750*1700*870
YKM5000 22-37 20-50 6750*1700*870

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