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Double Stage Crusher

double stage crusher

Double Stage Crusher

Double stage crusher is with twin rotors for up & down double crushing, the mutual serial two rotors make the materials which trough the upper rotor crushing for further fine crushing by the hammers on down rotors with high rotating speed, reaching the further crushing & mixing effect. At the same time, without sieve bottom, there is no blocking for high moisture content materials. Double stage crusher can be used to crush slag, shale, coal, coal gangue, mineral powder, stone, and limestone etc more than one hundred kinds of materials. Also fit for construction waste crushing, make waste profitable. It has features of high capacity, low noise, stable operation, good crushing efficient. By innovation improvement, solved the problem which old crushing hammers and liner wear too fast.

inside structure

Technical Parameter:

Model SCF600*400 SCF600x600 SCF800x600 SCF800x800 SCF1000x800 SCF1000x1000
Max. input size (mm) ≤200 ≤300 ≤400 ≤450 ≤500 ≤550
Output size (mm) ≤3(less than 2mm material proportion is above 90%.)
Capacity (t/h) 10-15 20-25 40-50 50-60 70-80 90-100
Motor power (kw) 18.5+18.5(15) 22+22(18.5) 45+45(37) 45+55(45) 55+75(55) 90+90(75)
Dimension (mm) 2400*1020*1700 2400*1280*1650 3760*1314*2100 3760*1840*2100 4100*1840*2450 4100*2140*2450
Material Moisture <25%

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