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Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen use vibration motor excitation up as vibration source, make the material in the screen was thrown up, at the same time forward for linear motion, material was evenly sent to the feeding mouth of screen from the feeding machine, through the multiple screen produce several types of products, respectively discharged from each outlet. With low consumption, high yield, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow scattered, automatic discharge, more suitable for assembly line work.


Model Screen area (m²) Slope (degree) Input size (mm) Screen size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Frequency (Hz) Double Amplitude (mm) Vibrator model Motor
Mode Power (kw)
YSGB-1020 2 15 <150 3
15-200 16 6-9 YZO-20-6 2*2.0
YSGB-1224 2.88 10 25-300 YZO-30-6 2*2.5
YSGB-1230 3.6 15 40-400 YZO-50-6 2*3.7
YSGB-1530 4.5 15 45-460 YZO-50-6 2*3.7
YSGB-1536 5.4 15 <200 50-360 12 8-12 JZ-75-6 Y160M1-8 2*4.0
YSGB-1836 6.48 15 60-460 JZ-100-6 Y160M2-8 2*5.5
YSGB-1848 8.64 15 80-500 JZ-130-6 Y160M2-8 2*5.5
YSGB-2050 10 15 90-600 JZ-160-6 Y160L 2*7.5

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