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Ration Silo

belt ration silo

Ration silo is a kind of mechanical equipment which can be used for transferring the raw materials which entered into silo to the next equipment uniformly according to the required conveying capacity setting corresponding speed. At the same time, it was played a role of passivation in the process of briquette production line, make the finished briquettes with better effect, it is one of the important equipment in the process of briquette production line.

screw ration silo

Screw type


  • Frequency speed system helps to control the output capacity
  • Increase the automation rate of the briquette line


Model Power (kw) Speed (m/s)
3 m³ 1.5-4 Adjustable
5 m³ 3-5.5
6 m³ 4-7.5
8 m³ 4-11

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