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Rotary Cutting Feeder

rotary cutting feeder

For some high viscosity materials, such as manure, clay, etc. Usually, these materials are forming together as large pieces which make them hard to feed in a dryer or something, and becasue of their high moisture, also hard to grind them.
The rotary cutting feeder is a kind of feeding machine used to solve this problem. the materials will be cut into small pieces and then feed in the dryer or something.


The inside structure

The feeding is uniform &quantitative only by adjusting the damper height and the conveyor belt speed.

rotary cutting feeder working

Our rotary cutting feeder running in a drying line

Step-by-step shoe plate feeding machine, step-by-step belt feeding machine, continuous belt feeding machine, etc are also chosen as feeding machine to adapt to different materials and different specifications of the extruder demand.

Technical Parameter:
Model Power (kw) Capacity (m³/h)
YKFM500 5.5 10-20
YKFM650 7.5 20-30
YKFM800 7.5-11 25-40
YKFM1320 11-15 30-50

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