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Tons Packer

tons packer runs in a briquette plant

Tons packer is used to pack briquette with a big amount, these packed briquettes will be easy to transport and storage.

Working Principle of Ton-bag Packing Machine

After being packed by the manual valve, pneumatic valve, forced double-grade feeding devices and bag-clamping device, the materials will be weighed automatically by the weighing device on the top of the packing machine. While filling, the materials will be tamped through vibrating on the automatic lifting track truck. The well packed bag will unhook and fall on the track truck which will convey it to specified position, and then the bag will be transported by forklift or traveling crane.

While packing, the operator hangs the 4 slings of the packing bag on the 4 lifting hooks and then cover the feeding opening of the packing machine on the sealed feeding cylinder. After that, the operator will start the bag-clamping device to clamp the bag on the feeding pipe. Then, the blowing fan will blow air into bag for reshaping, and then start the feeding switch so that the packing machine will automatically go to working procedure (meanwhile the dust collection device begins to work): feeding at high or medium speed (at this time the vibrating device on the track truck is tamping the materials) —— feeding at slow speed —— stop feeding when rated weight is reached, fall on the track truck —— be conveyed to the destination and the machine stops automatically —— be transported by the fortlift or travelling crane.

Dust collection nozzles are set on the packing machine, and there is no dust after the dust collection nozzles are connected to the duct collector. The environmental indexes of its working site reach national labor hygiene standard. The collected dusts can be recollected by hanging bag.

The above process can be completed by program automatic control or manual operation.

Features of Ton Bag Packing Machine

a running tons packer with one white full filled bag
High packing speed and efficiency: QLTD3(1-2) type ton-bag packing machine can pack materials with better flowability at the speed of 0-40 bags/hour (1-2.5t/bag) and pack materials with poor flowability at the speed of 0-20 bags/hour (1t/bag).

High weighing accuracy: the weighing part of the QLTD3(1-2) type ton-bag packing machine adopts the most advanced weighing sensor to realize high-speed and low-speed feeding. In state of high-speed packing, the weighing accuracy can be ensured at ±0.15%.

Excellent dust control effect: there is no dust discharging while packing machine is running. The environmental indexes of its working site reach national labor hygiene standard. Because the dust collection part adopts packing and feeding synchronization and delay, there is secondary dust collection while the bag is falling on the bag-receiving conveyor.

Strong ability in processing materials: the packing machine can complete feeding, weighing and metering regardless of the flowability of the materials.

Various modes for conveying sacks: after packing is finished, the bags fall on the bag-receiving conveyor or track car and then be conveyed to specified positions. Our company can provide many conveying modes such as forklift, multi-unit conveyor, chain and plate conveyor, belt conveyor and tray vibrating conveyor, etc for users’ choice in accordance with comprehensive automation level, production efficiency and project investment.

Function of reshaping expanded bags: during the packing process, materials in the bags can be tamped for many times in accordance with the features of materials so as to reduce the volume.

several full packed bags with briquette by tons packer


Model DCS-1000
Packing weight (kg/bag) 200-2000 (adjustable)
Metering accurancy ±0.2 %
Packing speed (bags/h) 20-40
Power (kw) 4
Air source pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.65

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