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Vertical Dryer

vertical dryer show

Vertical dryer is an important equipment in briquette production line, designed for drying various types briquettes, including coal briquette, mineral powder briquette, iron powder briquette, fluorite powder briquette, etc. This vertical drying machine is specially designed relying on the drying characteristics of industrial coal briquettes and gravity principle, successfully avoiding the problems existing in today’s coal briquette dryers such as large investment and floor area as well as high failure rate.

Vertical drying line structure

vertical dryer plant structure

1. Material Feeding By Belt Conveyor
2. Air Inlet 1
3. Fan
4. Motor
5. Working Platform
6. Air Inlet 2
7. Discharging By Belt Conveyor
8. Concrete Pillars
9. Air Inlet 1
10. Air Inlet Connector 2
11. Air Inlet Connector 1
12. Air Bellow
13. Fan
14. Blast Pipe of Fan
15. Air Inlet 2
16. Vertical Dryer Sketch Drawing
17. Furnace

Working principle
The formed briquettes conveyed to the top of the dryer by belt conveyor and evenly distributed on the total across section by distributing device. As the cone rotates, the briquettes will go down along their orbit under gravity while conducting heat exchange with the strong hot wind from the bottom of the dryer. The water vapor of evaporated from the briquettes will be blew away with this wind. The briquettes will be fully dried through two hours’ evaporating process.

1. Small occupation area, high capacity but low in energy consumption;
2. Easy operation and simple maintenance;
3. Long service life, high yield, low failure rate;
4. Vertical dryer is easy to combine with other equipment in the briquette production line and realize automation.

vertical dryer in usage

Our multiple vertical dryer set run in a briquette line


Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW)
MTVD-1800 3-6 22
MTVD -2800 8-10 30
MTVD -3000 12-15 30
MTVD -3200 15-20 37

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