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Anode self baked paste briquette machine, Soderbeg briquetting press for sale

petroleum coke used to produce anode paste

What is anode paste

The anode paste, also known as soderberg electrode paste,  self-baking electrodes paste or electrode carbon paste, is a type of carbon paste that is made of petroleum coke and pitch coke (as aggregates), and coal tar pitch (as binder). It is normally used as anode material for the continuous self-baking aluminum electrolytic cell. Due to its high binder ratio (more than 24%), it is pasty before the upper part of the electrolytic cell is sintered, that’s why it is called as anode paste.

The application of anode paste

The anode paste is used as an anode conductive material in the electro bath electrolyzer. The difference from the electrode paste is the production of anode paste is all made of petroleum coke, pitch coke and other low-ash raw materials. When used in aluminum electrolysis, the anode paste is gradually sintered into a carbon anode in the aluminum shell on the upper part of the aluminum electrolysis cell. The carbon anode not only plays a role in conducting electricity, but also participates in the redox reaction in the electrolysis cell.

Anode paste will also be used in other industries such as ferroalloy industry (ferrosilicon furnace), calcium carbide industry (submerged arc furnace), etc.

submerged arc furnace and the electrolytic aluminum factory

Why make anode paste briquette on high temperature

The anode baked by high-temperature pitch anode paste has very little pitch smoke, high mechanical strength, relatively low electrical resistivity, and relatively low oxidation consumption.

Due to the reduced electrical resistivity, the power consumption is correspondingly reduced. The anode paste must be made into small briquettes of 4 to 10 m in order to adapt to electrolytic production, so turn the anode paste to briquettes is quite an important work.

How to make anode paste briquettes (the briquette line)

The anode paste briquetting is a type of system which includes crushing, screening, grinding, dosing, kneading, briquetting and cooling. After this process, the dense, uniform briquettes will be gotten.

During the production of anode paste, the raw material petroleum coke needs to be calcined at a high temperature above 1,250°C to discharge water and volatile components, increase the density and strength of the raw materials, and improve the conductivity and oxidation resistance, etc.

the kneader machine for anode paste kneadingMaxton supplies high quality kneader for anode paste

The calcined petroleum coke then is crushed, screened, and ground to be prepared into various required granules and powders for batching/dosing. The aggregate prepared according to a certain formula is added to the kneading machine, where the dry mixing is carried out first. When a certain temperature is reached, the liquid asphalt which has been melted and left to stand to remove the moisture is added in proportion to continue the kneading. The kneaded paste finally is briquetted and cooled according to the requirement.

anode paste hot briquette system with insulation feed

What is an anode paste briquette machine

The anode paste briquette machine is used in this process on the briquetting section which is a special type of roll briquette machine. It is a kind of medium temperature roll press which can turn the anode paste into briquette under a certain temperature (hot temperature).

Maxton has developed this type of machine with high quality, the machine is with high production efficiency, convenient maintenance, also strong and durable.

wear resistant steel roller skin

Feature of the anode paste briquetting maker

1. It has solved the problem of difficulty in breaking large pieces of paste and large impurities, the material can be directly briquetted by the briquette press with these large pieces and impurities;

2. The finished briquettes are smooth and beautiful, easy to pack and transport;

3. Tire ring has been changed to flex type, quite convenient for the replacement and maintenance work.

The shape and size of the briquette are customized.

big anode briquette from the press making machineAnode briquette, dimension 120*70*55 mm

Advantages of using the anode paste briquette machine

1. The roll briquette press belongs to the paste block forming machine category in the smelting industry. It has the advantages of novel design, reasonable layout, high production efficiency, adjustable speed, and convenient operation. The produced electrode paste products have high strength, low porosity, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, good appearance, and small weight difference.

2. The finished briquettes have high strength, low porosity, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, good appearance, and small weight difference.

3. It is an automated production line. After metering, it enters the gap of the two rolls of the machine. After water spraying cooling, the mold is automatically opened and dropped on the conveyor, and the original state is automatically restored to the next cycle.

4. The specifications and pockets of the machine can be designed and manufactured according to the different needs of customers, system dimension (footprint) also can be customized.

the anode briquette output conveyor - chain plate type

Parameter of the roll anode paste briquette machine

Model Roll diameter (mm) Capacity(t/h) Main motor(kW)
360 360 0.25 7.5
400 400 0.5 11-15
500 500 1 18.5-22
650 650 3 20-30
750 750 5 45
850 850 6 75

Price for the anode paste briquette maker

Maxton supplies the machine with competitive price, and the price from Maxton is quite stable, every machine has its own certain budget, a too low price means the equipment won’t have a high quality or can’t meet the requirement. We have found a lot of customers bought a low price machine but left it to ruin. Just contact us and we shall help you to choose the very suitable model for your application.

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