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Rotate type briquette machine – improve your hookah quality

rotary tablet charcoal briquette machine

The rotate type hookah briquetter

Rotate type briquetter is a kind of tablet briquette machine that you may find it somewhere manufacturing medicine, food, or chemical stuff, etc.

Maxton has enlarged the usage of this briquetter to make briquette like charcoal. As the size and shape are limited to a certain range, it becomes a special briquette machine for making hookah. It is a basic facility for batch production of hookah charcoals.

Briquette process

The briquette process is as normal as a mechanical briquette machine of making hookah.

So as to make high quality hookah briquette, first of all, the conditions of raw material should be checked.

Most important conditions:

  1. Moisture
  2. Size

Check the raw material is proper with these two conditions – a reasonable moisture range, material size distributes in different sizes but all of the size less than 3mm.

Make sure your raw charcoal is pure without other hard material or it will make damage to the briquette machine.

The briquette process then begins with the material with the proper conditions:

Raw material ⇒ Mix with binder and other addictives ⇒ Briquette ⇒ Drying ⇒ Packing

Follow the below tour of a hookah charcoal manufacturer for the manufacturing specifications.

Gallery photos from a hookah briquette supplier

workers prepare the charcoal for dryingprepare hookah for drying
drying hookah charcoaldrying hookah in the drying room
before packingprepare for packing
pack the briquettepacked hookah

Comparison to normal type hookah briquette machine

Compare to another normal hookah briquettes maker, the rotary type briquette machine has features as follow:

  1. Works with higher pressure. Can help to make the hookah briquette more stable.
  2. Few dust. It assembles with plexiglass anti-dust cover on the upper, keeps the working environment clean.
  3. Flexible. Easily adjust the whole briquette making system by the adjustment system, such as the briquetting speed, the pressure, the thickness, etc.

Rotary hookah tablet briquette machine for sale

Maxton stands as a professional manufacturer of briquette machines for decades, rotary hookah briquetter is one important briquette machine in our machine list, we would be glad to hear your conditions and give you advice on the hookah briquette plant setting up.

rotate briquette machine in warehouse

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