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Review of aluminum chip briquette press machine, briquetting plant

hydraulic type aluminum briquette machine

Aluminum chip briquette machine is a kind of hydraulic briquetting machine that is used for aluminum briquetting making.

The Aluminum Hydraulic Briquette Machine

The aluminum hydraulic briquetting system consists of several components.

Briquette machine mainframe, hydraulic pump station, the control system.

aluminum briquette machine structure

  • Briquette machine mainframe

It consists of the frame, main hydraulic cylinder, material-pushing hydraulic cylinder, bottom plate hydraulic cylinder, matching mold frame, mold, and press head. The frame consists of upper and lower beams and columns.

The upper and lower beams are all made of integral steel castings, and connected by four internal columns with internal and external nuts to withstand the tension when working, which also extends the service life of the machine.

  • Hydraulic pump station

The hydraulic station consists of a motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, professional control valve block and piping system for connecting with the aluminum briquette machine.

The professional hydraulic valve block installation design and reasonable pipeline connecting system ensure the equipment perform with safety and reliability. The cooling system can prevent the equipment from stop to work continuously due to excessive oil temperature.

  • Control system

The control system consists of the electrical system and the plc control system. Equipped with adjustable text display, the action sequence and each action time are totally controlled by the PLC system and can be adjusted by the operator whenever he/she wants, convenient, easy to operate and understand, with low failure rate.

Features of Maxton’s aluminum briquette machine

aluminum waste in storage

  • The briquette machine adopts an advanced hydraulic driving technology, uses high-quality wear-resistant oil seal. The cylinder is processed and assembled by the latest advanced high-tech technology to ensure continuous operation, without reducing the pressure of the cylinder, making it stable and working smoothly. Computer control, high degree of automation, low failure rate and easy maintenance;
  • The advanced hydraulic valve device ensures large flow, low pressure loss of the system, elimination of leakage defects and works with high pressure;
  • The hydraulic valve and unique oil circuit design make the hydraulic system perfect, even if it is working under heavy load for a long time, the system will not be powered off;
  • The advanced fast device makes the equipment to run fast and ensures users’ production demand.

Find specifications of the hydraulic briquetting machine.

Manual aluminum briquette machine is also available from Maxton’s factory for those facilities of small capacity, which is much lower on the machine cost.

Aluminum briquette plant for sale

Aluminum chip waste as a kind of metal usually comes from these areas:

  • Swarf – aluminum chips from the machine tool.
  • Waste – aluminum can, aluminum waste, etc. from daily life.
  • Etc.

small aluminum briquette plant

A common aluminum briquette plant would follow the process like this:

Raw aluminum waste ⇒ Crush ⇒ Impurity removal ⇒ Briquetting

Raw aluminum waste should be dealt with by a crusher to meet certain distance which can be suitable for briquetting.

Impurity removal is an essential process for the aluminum briquette plant, keep the raw aluminum chip with a low rate of iron, oil will help us to make high quality briquette and make the final aluminum with high purity which creates a better value.

Note, if you are selling your aluminum briquette to the foundry, high purity aluminum will make your aluminum briquettes hot-sell and at a higher price. If you are using the aluminum briquette yourself to get aluminum from that, it will make the final aluminum with high purity which means a better profit for you.

After the aluminum is ready, then feed it to the briquette machine and you will get the aluminum briquette.

Benefits of making aluminum briquette

aluminum briquette

  • Maximize the recovery rate of aluminum waste. (aluminum remelting recovery process loss reduce from 50% to 10%);
  • Maximize the value of scrap aluminum turning and chips, price premium 20-200%;
  • Depending on the specific material and develop market conditions;
  • Minimize liability exposure and price deductions;
  • Minimize the place for storage;
  • Maximize your bottom line;
  • The aluminum briquette machine makes the aluminum chips paid.

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