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salt briquette plant to manufacture animal lick salt – the solution

animals are licking the salt briquette

Set up a salt briquette plant with hydraulic briquetting machine to produce animal lick salt is really a good profit. The livestock has a big requirement on this as when they are fed by the human in the farm or something,  they can not get enough salt and some other minerals which will cause problems on them.

These briquettes, which are produced with the shape of cubic or cylinder, as they help to improve the health and increase the growing speed for the livestock, they are kindly called by the farmers with the name of “chocolate” for sheep and cattle.

The quantity demanded of livestock 

Three sheep need to take one 5 kg salt briquette per year;

One cattle need to take 3 pieces of 5 kg salt briquette per year.

The livestock will be very interested in these salt briquettes and will lick them time after time, it is a consideration that they get too much salt than their normal requirement, it won’t cause any problem if they have enough water to take, these overeating elements will be easily brought away by the urine.

the green color animal lick salt briquette in storage

The content of the briquette

The salt lick briquette always contains microelements like calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, zinc manganese, iron, selenium, etc.

It is also considered to add other additives like molasses, vegetable fat, etc to increase the absorption. Find your own way on these elements will help you enlarge your briquettes line and find the better market.

Here we are listing the functions of these microelements may it help you to improve your working on the salt briquette making.

Element Function Lack of symptoms
Zinc (Zn) Enzymatic function, promote body metabolism Stiff joints, swollen limbs, incomplete parakeratosis, calf mouth and nose inflammation, low semen volume and poor quality
Manganese (Mn) Mid-enzyme function activator Newborn animals are unregulated, stunted, skeletal malformations, poor breast development, low pregnancy rates, miscarriage, more newborn rate for bulls
Copper (Cu) Hemoglobin formation, enzyme function and pigmentation Poor anemia, bone metabolism disorders, hair bleaching, dystocia, difficulty in placental recovery, low estrus rate
Iron (Fe) Protein and enzyme function Anemia, easy lack for the newborn livestock
Iodine (I) Thyroid function Goiter, low reproductive rate, low milk production, miscarriage, stillbirth
Cesium (Se) Synergistic Vitamin Antioxidant Function Slow development, muscle albinism, metritis, mastitis, fetal membrane not easy to shedding
Cobalt(Co) Vitamin B1 components and energy absorption Slow growth, anemia, animal wool loss, tearing, decreased immunity, lack of appetite
Vitamin E Improve immunity, energy absorption Muscle degeneration, anemia, reproductive dysfunction
Vitamin H Maintain normal growth and development, prevent livestock lameness disease Dermatitis, atrophic glossitis, hyperesthesia, muscle pain, fatigue, anorexia and mild anemia

The animal lick salt briquette plant

The plant is very simple and easy to operate with several single accessories machines – mixer and conveyor.  Mix the material first and after that using briquette machine to produce the briquette.


As the briquette is not only a single product only with salt, using mixers to mix the salt even distribution in the product is always the choice, the mixed material will help to bring every briquette with its standard quality. The most common used mixer is the double shaft mixer.
double shaft mixer


The screw conveyor is a type of conveyor much suitable for transport of small particle materials, the material will also be pre-mixed in the process of conveying.
screw conveyor

Briquette Machine

Hydraulic briquetting machine has a very big pressure which can be used to produce salt briquette, these high quality briquettes won’t break in a very long time for the usage of animal lick.
hydraulic briquetting machine

An animal lick salt briquette plant in Kenya

an set up animal lick briquette plant in Kenya
Kenya is a country where feed lots of livestock. Almost 70% of the people make living with agriculture and the related lines. Animal husbandry is one of them and grows rapidly.

This is a small line we set up for one of our customer in Kenya. A simple line with normal structure. Materials follow the way of mixing and briquetting, high quality salt briquette then produced. Change the mould to different shapes to meet the market’s requirement.

the plant is producing big salt briquette with cylinder shape
workers show the briquette full of happiness

Benefit of using MaxTon’s hydraulic briquetting machine produce animal lick salt briquette

  • High pressure, the briquette with high quality and density.
  • Uniform and stable press, every briquette with the same quality and even everywhere of the briquette.
  • High efficient cooling system, the cooling area is twice the size of the traditional mechanical type.

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