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Extrusion Briquette Maker

briquette extruder small and large

Extrusion briquette maker is a kind of briquette machine uses the screw structure to make rod shape briquette. The most common use of this machine is for coal and charcoal, so we also usually call it coal extrusion briquette extruder or charcoal briquette extruder.

How the briquette is made

structure and running theory of briquette extruder

Following is the theory of briquette making on Extrusion briquette maker.

The raw material feed in the hopper of the briquette extruder, then moves from the feed port, with the help of a rotating screw, through the barrel and against a die mold, resulting in significant pressure gradient and friction due to material shearing. Thus increase the temperature of the system and heat the material, the water and binder become more uniform and makes the material reaches a pseudo-plastic state, Then through the control of the mold cone, the material particles are more compact between the compression, and then pressed through the die mold, finally, the product comes out.

 What MATERIAL can be used

Coal, charcoal, coke, graphite, silicon carbide, petroleum coke, carbon black, etc.

Extrusion work is a kind of briquette process with low pressure, as the biomass briquette process need high pressure to make the raw material temperature up or with an extra heating system for heat, you should choose other types of briquette machine for your biomass.

The requirement for material

Size: less than 3mm;

Moisture: 10-14 is best moisture for briquette making on briquette extruder. Of course, you can make the briquette with other moisture, but there are disadvantages, with low moisture, the friction will be bigger which makes the briquette output slower, the briquette with high moisture will be softer and takes more time to dry.

Final Product

briquette extruder product and mold show

Using different shapes molds. we can produce a variety of shapes of briquettes, the die mold is easy to change and with long service life, you can use just one machine to manufacture different briquette to meet your customers’ need.

Size: Common size for briquette are from Diameter 20 mm to 80 mm.

Shape (Rod cross-sectional):  Triangle, round, square, rectangle, plum blossom, etc.

Automatic cutting system

We design the automatic cutting system for you to make standard briquette for storage and sell.

auto cutting system

Why choose an extrusion briquette maker rather than a roller briquette press machine

coal briquette extruder vs wet roller briquette machine

Extrusion briquette maker and roller briquette press machine are the most popular briquette machine in industry coal making. So when should you choose the briquette extruder on building a big plant making coal briquette? The advantages of briquette extruder are as follow:

1. high density and strength (strength is for the fresh briquette)

Extrusion briquette maker is a kind of screw briquette machine makes high pressure than the roller briquette machine, the common pressure of briquette extruder is 35 MPa, but on roller briquette machine, the pressure only have 20-30 MPa, and another reason for this advantage is material briquetting time, the material will stay much longer in briquette extruder (the output speed for briquette normally is 20-40 mm/s ) by which makes the briquette compacter.

2. The low proportion of binder requirement;

It’s also a benefit from the higher pressure. We will need less binder on briquetting. For example, when we briquette coal with humic acid sodium as the binder, we usually need to add 5% as the binder on roller briquette plant, but we only need 1.5% – 3% on the briquette extruder plant.

3. Different shapes

Extrusion briquette maker makes briquette with rob shape that is a much different shape from the ball shapes of roller briquette machine. This is also very important for civil briquette sales.

4. Low moisture after briquette

As the high pressure and friction between the raw material and the machine, there comes lots of heat on briquette process, the temperature makes the briquette moisture down with 2-3 percents after briquetting.

5. Small space requirement

An extrusion briquette maker is much smaller than the roller briquette machine. Which help you to save a lot of space.

6. Easy to operate and use

The moisture of the raw material for extrusion briquette maker is not that strict with roller briquette machine, you can make briquette with a high range of moisture, but in order to make high-quality briquette, you’d better find the most suitable moisture for your material;

Build a briquette plant with extrusion briquette maker

simple briquette extruder plant flowchart

It’s easy to build an extrusion briquette maker plant, normally the simple process is as follow:

Crush ⇒ Mix ⇒ Briquette ⇒ Drying

Let’s introduce the machines and functions:

Crush :If your material is too big (more than 3mm), normally you need to crush it first.

Mix: Briquette extruder process is a binder briquette process, to well mix the binder with the material, you need to add a mixer.

Briquette: Using the briquette extruder to make the briquette.

Drying: You can build a drying house to dry the briquette if you only take small capacity, for fast drying, we advise you to take a dryer.


Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dia. of briquette(mm) Spindle Speed(r/m)
MTBE140 1-2 7.5-11 20-40 40-60
MTBE180 2-3 18.5-22 20-60 39-60
MTBE210 3-4 30-37 20-80 35-60
MTBE300 4-6 37-45 20-80 35-60
MTBE400 6-10 75-160 20-80 35-60

Note: Normally the spindle is with low speed, we can adjust to make that suitable for your condition.

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